What is the Future of Nursing?

What is the Future of Nursing?

26 Feb 2022

Nursing is the most booming career that has never seen any decline till date from the day it originated. The pandemic has further increased the scope and opportunities for nurses across the globe. The future for nursing is extremely rewarding  and gives a lot of hopes of career growth in the coming days for the skilled nurses.

Let’s try to understand how is the future for nursing:

Nursing has Strong job growth and security

The rapid advancements in the field of medicine has increased the logitivity of people., so naturally there is a huge increase in the number of old age people and thereby increasing the care and treatment requirements. The increased old age population has created immense job opportunities for nursing professionals across the globe.  Many global surveys show that by 2030 the demand for nurses will skyrocketed with an expected growth rate of 25% per year. The nursing is not limited only to hospitals but has extended to various other areas like old age homes, orphanage homes, rehabilitation centres, nursing colleges, medical writing companies, etc. 

Emergence of new specialisations in Nursing

Nursing is one such field, where the nursing professionals get an opportunity to apply their skills at different specialisations that are coming up everyday. The nursing field is one such place where there will be opportunities to choose leadership roles like the director of nursing, nursing manager. The nurses can choose from the array of specialisations available in the vast medical field to increase their horizon of career growth
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Flexibility to choose any specialisations  

Unlike in olden days nursing today is vast , the nursing field provides an opportunity for all the aspirants to choose their own specialisations. The nurses have numerous options to choose like post-surgical care, cardiac patients, stroke victims care and emergency nursing, etc. The nurses always enjoy better work-life balance as they enjoy regular working hours and excellent working conditions. The opportunities for nurses in recent years have expanded exponentially and the nurses today are not limited only to hospitals and healthcare but still more.  They are finding excellent job opportunities in many unexpected and unexplored areas under the umbrella of healthcare.  The nurses today are working in factories, corporations, top-notch hotels, spa’s, Residential schools and colleges, Universities, Nuclear power plants, Armed forces, etc. 

Future job roles available in Nursing domain

The nurses can experience a best career growth in their nursing journey, the emergence of new areas of expertise where the nurses can look forward to have excellent career growth in some of the following job roles like:

  • Oncology Nurse
  • Ophthalmology Nurse
  • Diabitelogy Nurse
  • Renal Nurse
  • Cardiac Care Nurse
  • Surgical Nurse
  • Trauma Nurse

Excellent Salaries and Job Security

The nurses today are well paid when compared to olden days, today nurses are like the life line for any healthcare system to work. The salaries are extremely high in case of international opportunities. There is a huge demand for nurses abroad, especially in European countries, the Middle east and Australia.

The average salary of a skilled nurse ranges from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

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Why Nursing in Akash?

Akash Institute of Nursing has the best nursing techniques and technologies and study modules for B.Sc Nursing. The dedicated faculty at Akash Institute of Nursing ensures the quality nursing education to the budding nurses. The pedagogy is based on the ethos and principles of nursing and continues to deliver the best possible education to the students in the field of nursing.

The course at Akash Institute of Nursing is given a modern touch without compromising on the traditional ethos of nursing. The students will get hands-on experience on the various modules of nursing in a simulated environment. The fully-furnished smart classrooms are equipped with OHPs for better understanding of the nursing topics. The huge campus located in the serine locality in Bangalore makes the campus a comfortable atmosphere for studies.


Nursing is the one of the best professions that one can get paid for the community-centric and service-oriented works that are carried out by them in society. Nurses are the lifelines for the communities and without nurses, no hospital, clinics, community health centres will function. It is hard to imagine a society without any hospitals and without any nurses. The nurses always play a vital role in the functioning of healthcare systems.

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