Why Nursing in Akash Institute of Nursing?

Why Nursing in Akash Institute of Nursing?

11 Dec 2021

The Akash Institute of Nursing was started under the Akash Educational and Development Trust which was established in 2014 and managed by the Akash Group of Institutions. It is a co-education college that is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) and approved by the Government of Karnataka.

The Akash Institute of Nursing is one of the top nursing colleges in Bangalore that offers the best nursing course in Bangalore. The Akash Institute of Nursing has been recognised for its good academic reputation and excellent teaching methodology and techniques. It offers a high-quality and extensive curriculum for the physiotherapy course which covers theoretical concepts, practical exposure, and includes skill-development activities like mentorship, workshops, internships, guest lectures, on-site visits and case studies, and seminars.

What is Nursing?

  • Nursing is the most valued and rewarding profession that demands a high level of dedication and commitment
  • Nursing is a branch of allied health science that deals with care and treatment for patients suffering from illness or injury. 
  • The nurses care for patients, offer emotional support and educate the public about health conditions
  • The nursing students can also specialise in caring for a specific patient group, such as neonatal, rehabilitation and critical care patients
  • The nursing students are trained to  become qualified medical experts, who will work as a part of multi-disciplinary team alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver clinical treatment and care for patients in a variety of medical settings
  • The nurses are often responsible for a wide variety of patients, each with different needs, so that need to be highly organised, flexible, observant, ability to assess patients, and take responsibility for determining the best course of action

Why Akash Institute of Nursing

  • The main motto of Akash Institute of Nursing is to train the students according to the ethos and fundamental principles of the nursing profession
  • The aim of the nursing courses in Akash Institute of Nursing is to equip the students with all the knowledge, skills, attributes and equip them to face the challenges of being a nurse in real world
  • The nursing degree in Akash Institute of Nursing provides the students with lifelong learning and working opportunities and a strong focus on nursing leadership. 
  • The nursing course at Akash Institute of Nursing will help the students to gain valuable theoretical knowledge along with the practical experience. 
  • The limited intake at the Akash College of Nursing ensures that individual attention and equal support is given such that they can get the best out of the programme.  
  • The nursing programmes at the Akash College of Nursing concentrate more on caring for individuals with diverse physical mental health conditions. 
  • The Akash Institute of Nursing has state-of-the- art simulation technology and interactive laboratories to mimic the real-world hospital scenarios for the students.  
  • The research-oriented pedagogy in nursing practice gives the students new insights into the promotion of healthy living and treatment of chronic medical conditions. 
  • The course at the Akash Institute of Nursing emphasizes on the caring practice because nursing is a profession with emotions
  • The students of Akash Institute of Nursing will have many opportunities to put theory into practice in clinical settings
  • The Akash Institute of Nursing has partnered with different hospitals, agencies, and community-based organisations to provide the students with a better experience of working in multiple disciplines and environments and help them to determine the right area to focus in the field of nursing.  
  • The innovative approach to the nursing students at Akash Institute of Nursing helps the students to dive deeper and discover the strength, spirit and compassion required to patients with unparalleled care and affection. 

What makes Akash College of Nursing Unique?

  • State in art medical technology under the valuable hands of experience
  • Unique blend of theory and practice for learning the Nursing theories
  • Training on excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Variety of clinical experiences such as community health, hospital and long-term care for all the nursing students
  • Exploration of the contemporary issues around health promotion, maintenance, advocacy and care
  • The enthusiastic and experienced clinical educators and are internationally acclaimed researchers, bring the teaching sessions to life by sharing their love for learning
  • The faculty at Akash Institute of Nursing act as an inspiration to the students rather than a teacher
  • The faculty at Akash Institute of Nursing are having exceptional research experience in leading-edge areas such as ageing, ethics, healthcare leadership, indigenous health and women’s health

State in Art Infrastructure

The Akash Institute of Nursing is equipped with the state of the art infrastructure facilities for providing best and quality education in the nursing programmes. The college is located in the lush green campus and is filled with students’ amenities such as:

  • Fully Furnished Smart Classrooms with overhead projectors (OHPs)
  • Full-fledged library with unlimited access to global journals
  • Fully-furnished Auditorium with the capacity to accommodate more than 2000 people
  • Full-fledged Gyms for both boys and girls
  • Central workshop for repairing the medical equipment of college and hospital
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance for the safety of the students
  • Fully furnished separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls
  • Food prepared in Hygienic kitchens
  • Indoor and outdoor games 
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled Campus
  • High-tech simulation labs with cutting edge technologies
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